Cloud Based File Storage and Collaboration



Mt. Lebanon School District had Active Directory Home drives setup for students, faculty and staff. They were interested in adding a remote way to access these files from home and on the go. I developed the NdriveĀ Application named to mimic the N: mapping that the users were used to with the following features:

  • Web based access to all Folders and Files stored in their Drive
  • Organize files with the ability to add folders and sub folders
  • The ability to rename, move and delete files
  • Files could be sent to a teacher for homework submission
  • Graded files could be returned to sender complete with grades/comments
  • Files could be shared with via link for inclusion on blogs, assignments and websites
  • Collaborative Group folders allowed multiple users to access a shared folder environment with all of the features mentioned above

I can not grant public access to this application because it is password protected.
Additional information and screenshots are available upon request.